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What Is Predatory Lending?

Defense for Predatory Lending in Kansas

Whenever a lender utilizes fraudulent, unfair or dishonest practices to attempt to make a profit from the losses of their borrowers, they are committing what is known as predatory lending.

Predatory lending is a way for lenders to impose unfair loan terms on the borrowers to help ensure that they will be forced to give up the collateral collected at the time of the loan, which the lender can then sell and make a profit from.

Is Predatory Lending Illegal?

Predatory lending is an illegal practice that is regulated by multiple federal agencies and can result in serious criminal action against the lender if they are convicted. This type of abuse against borrowers is not allowed by federal regulations.

If you believe that you may be the victim of predatory lending you should contact a Kansas bankruptcy attorney immediately. We can assist you with your case by investigating the terms of your mortgage and determine if unethical or illegal lending practices are being performed at your expense. Facing foreclosure can be a terrifying experience.

There are several factors that can result in you and your family facing the loss of your home, including:

  • An unexpected economic change
  • Family death
  • Bankruptcy
  • Or loss of primary income

No matter the cause of your foreclosure, the most important thing is that everything is done so that you will be able to keep your home.

Predatory lending, foreclosure and increasing debt can cause you stress and pain that we understand you simply do not need. The legal team at Kansas Bankruptcy Center can assist you with your case and help you fight against the foreclosure of your home.

Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Kansas

No matter if you are facing foreclosure due to overwhelming debt or if you are the victim of predatory lending, we can provide the legal guidance you need to get through your case.

We will utilize our years of experience to provide you with every possible chance we can to help you win your case and keep your home. When you have been the victim of predatory lending or simply need legal assistance for your foreclosure we can provide the answers you need.

Contact a Kansas Foreclosure Defense Attorney at our offices today if you need legal representation for your foreclosure case!