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Don't Let Debt Have an Extreme Hold on Your Life Bankruptcy is not the right answer for everyone, but it could be right for you.


Are You Involved in Debt Litigation?

The vast majority of consumer debt litigation involves a creditor suing a debtor for failure to pay a debt. The creditor is seeking a judgment against the debtor so that he can take money from the debtor's bank account, garnish his wages, foreclose on his house or repossess his car. There are a range of actions that the debtor can take in these situations from defense in the particular legal action to bankruptcy. Since the law is in this area is complex, if you are a Kansas resident in this situation, you are urged to contact a Kansas bankruptcy attorney.

Effective Defense Strategies Against Debt Claims

Explore Your Options in Debt Litigation:

  • Assertive Law Suit Defense - It may be that the claim against you is incorrect. The terms of the contract may have been unclear or in violation of the law. The creditor may have gotten his numbers wrong or failed to follow all legal procedures. In this case it is necessary to respond to the law suit.
  • Debt Settlement Negotiation - It is possible that the creditor is willing to work with you on a mutually satisfactory payment plan.
  • Bankruptcy as a Last Resort - You can only file bankruptcy once every eight years so it is best not to take this course until you really need to, but if you are experiencing wage garnishment or having your bank accounts seized, it may be time to act. Once you file bankruptcy, all law suits against you are put on hold. If you file Bankruptcy Chapter 7, all of your debts will be cancelled. If you file Chapter 13, you agree to pay your creditors back over time and get to keep all your property.

Kansas Debt Litigation Attorney is Available to Serve You

At the Kansas Bankruptcy Center, we focus on the defense of consumers in Kansas. We are familiar with all the tools of debt litigation and are dedicated to providing aggressive, top-quality service to clients all over Kansas. We will be pleased to consult you over the phone and let you know how we may help you.