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Wichita Foreclosure Attorneys

Providing Legal Insight to Homeowners Struggling With Mortgage Payments

Homeowners who are unable to make their monthly mortgage payments are subject to the loss of their house through foreclosure by the lender. Unforeseen circumstances can make it difficult for well-meaning borrowers to meet their financial obligations. Such as job loss, medical bills, repairs due to natural disasters, and more.

How to Stop Foreclosure in Kansas

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Contacting your lender is the first step you should take in order to avoid losing your property. Simply working with a lender and a qualified foreclosure attorney knowledgeable in financial laws can help you avoid foreclosure on your home.

If you cannot make your timely mortgage payment, you need to seek advice from a Kansas bankruptcy lawyer who is experienced in helping people retain their property.

Attorney Norman Douglas at the Kansas Bankruptcy Center in Wichita has successfully represented hundreds of clients across Kansas faced with foreclosure.

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When Does Foreclosure Start?

Foreclosure typically starts when a loan has been delinquent for more than 120 days. However, there are a few circumstances when a foreclosure may begin sooner, for example, if you violate a due-on-sale clause.

What Is Preforeclosure?

Before foreclosure begins, there is actually a “preforeclosure” period. In preforeclosure, the servicer is allowed to charge you late fees. They must also send you a “breach letter” which informs you that conditions have been breached and that you are in default. The letter will detail why you are in default and provides options on how to remedy the default and avoid foreclosure.

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What Are My Options If I'm Facing Foreclosure?

You can and should take an active role in avoiding foreclosure. Below are some options you should take into consideration if you are facing foreclosure in Kansas. Unsure which is best for you? Not to worry, do not hesitate to get in touch with a foreclosure defense attorney in Wichita at Kansas Bankruptcy Center -- your initial consultation is free of charge and we are more than happy to answer your questions.

Some foreclosure defense options to consider:

  • Reinstatement by making a lump sum payment to stop a foreclosure by a specified date bringing your account current
  • Forbearance, or a temporary agreement that suspends payments for a short time period.
  • Payment plan creation, which allows the borrower to combine past due payments with current due thus allowing a higher payment to catch up over a designated time period
  • Loan modification enables the borrower to restructure the loan terms and may result in a small interest rate, decreased loan amount, and lower monthly payments
  • Federal foreclosure help implemented by the U.S. government for troubled homeowners. This option has specific qualifications such as good credit history and a record of timely monthly payments

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Many people are taking advantage of the alternatives to foreclosure available to them. Attorney Douglas is a foreclosure defense lawyer in Wichita with years of experience helping people overcome their financial difficulties and stopping foreclosure on their properties.

He has advised clients throughout Kansas concerning their foreclosures. You only have a short time period to stop a foreclosure proceeding, so do not wait to consult with Attorney Douglas.

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