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Don't Let Debt Have an Extreme Hold on Your Life Bankruptcy is not the right answer for everyone, but it could be right for you.

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Will Chapter 13 Save My Home?

There are huge benefits to individuals who file Chapter 13 bankruptcy with regard to their property. Many individuals and families choose this form of bankruptcy as they either have too many assets, or want to ensure that they do not lose their home in the process. Those who have a steady income, either through being employed or through self-employment are usually eligible to file Chapter 13. This form of bankruptcy is extremely valuable for those who are under great pressure with regard to mortgage payments, or are facingforeclosure due to unpaid mortgage payments. Immediate relief from pressure takes place as soon as the petition is filed, as there will be an “automatic stay” in all collection and foreclosure proceedings. The automatic stay allows Kansas bankruptcy lawyer, Norman Douglas, the time to negotiate with the bank with regard to the mortgage and back payments due.

Chapter 13 and Foreclosure

You are invited to contact attorney Normal Douglas and discuss your personal financial situation with regard to your home, so that the best possible solution can be found to support you. You will never be “just another client” when you are working with our friendly and committed law firm. They are concerned about their friends and neighbors who are suffering and fearful about foreclosure, and their extensive experience in all aspects of bankruptcy and debt relief helps to find the best possible solution in your individual case. Sometimes it is discovered that filing for bankruptcy is not necessary; other cases could require either Chapter 13 or Chapter 7, and the wishes of our clients are our concern. If they want to keep their homes, it is important that they act quickly before the foreclosure has gone past the “point of no return”. Once we get involved, we can usually find a solution that allows you to move forward with a fresh start and a new outlook, free from the stress of crushing debt and legal threats regarding your home.

In Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the individual can pay off their outstanding debt over a 3 – 5 year period on one payment. The calculations of this payment are made based upon a specific formula. The debt is usually reduced with regard to penalties and other extra added charges, making it more reasonable. After the repayment period is completed, any remaining amount owing will be “discharged” – you will no longer owe it. This form of bankruptcy can be just what you need to resolve serious legal threats with regard to your home, and we are here to help you find out if it will work for you.

Contact a Kansas bankruptcy lawyer from our firm to discuss your case and get the help you need when facing foreclosure on your home.